Roller Shutter Maintenance

It is your statutory obligation to ensure your roller shutter is maintained at regular intervals.

Every roller shutter has moving parts and is subject to forces which cause wear and tear to its components and a defective roller shutter can potentially result in property damage and more importantly, is a risk to the safety of any person in its vicinity.
It is therefore essential to service and maintain your shutter at regular intervals.

Benefits of Maintaining your Roller Shutter:

• Fulfilling your statutory obligation
• Ensure safety to you and your work colleagues/members of public/family
• Proper operation of the shutter
• Protects your warranties
• Enhance the longevity of the shutter
• Prevent possible loss of business
• Prevent expensive repairs
• Prevent possible property damage
• Peace of mind

Munster Roller Shutters & Doors ltd operates a Maintenance Service and can maintain your shutter on a once off basis as required or under a maintenance contract.

Maintenance Details:

Once off maintenance:
Just call our Repair & Maintenance department and we will organise for one of our technicians to visit your premises at your convenience, and service your roller shutter. Upon completion you will receive a service docket indicating the condition of the shutter and whether or not it requires any further attention or replacement parts. Should this be the case, you will receive a separate written quotation for same.

Maintenance Contract:
Munster Roller Shutters can offer a maintenance contract to suit your requirements and as we schedule the pre-planned visits, it takes the responsibility and hassle from the customer. . Upon completion you will receive a written report for your records indicating the condition of the shutter and whether or not it requires any further attention or replacement parts. Should this be the case, you will receive a separate written quotation for same.
A maintenance contract automatically offers discounts on normal unplanned repairs and guarantees out of hour’s service.

Maintenance Checklist:

Laths and endlocks:

• Check all laths for damage, especially at ends. Replace or resecure damaged end locks.
• Check for alignment of bottom lath. If there is a rubber seal on bottom lath, check for deterioration.
• Check that curtain runs freely

• Check for damage. Remove old compacted grease and regrease.
• Check that curtain runs freely within channel.
• Check that it turns freely by operating shutter. Check that bearings are running freely and are not damaged.
• Oil bearings.
Gears / Drive chain:
• Check for free operation, wear or breakage and alignment
• Check operation.
Safety brake:
• Check for operation
Hand chain:
• For manual hand chain shutters, check that hand chain is present and that it operates.
• For electrically operated shutters check that manual override system operates

Fusible link: (Fire Roller Shutters only)
• Remove Fusible link and check for controlled decent. Replace Fusible link afterwards and reset shutter.
• Check that door stops automatically when it reaches the top or bottom of its cycle. Reset limit if necessary.
• Also check for wear.

Balance of springs:
• Check balance (charge) and adjust as necessary

1. General Safety Precautions

• The operator of any motorised shutter must ensure that the line of travel is clear and that no persons are standing under the shutter.
• Control devices for electric motors are of a deadman type, do not override this system.
• Fire shutters should be regularly maintained.
• Avoid painting near the mechanisms of a fire shutter as this could interfere with the door closing.
• Avoid blocking fire doors with obstacles.
• When lifting manual shutters use safe lifting techniques.
• Maintenance / repairs should only be carried out by trained and experienced personnel.

If in doubt about the safety of a shutter contact us immediately

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